How to clean your jacuzzi tub

How to Clean your Jacuzzi Tub Jets

I realized something really GROSS the other day. My Jacuzzi jets were SO GROSS.

how to clean your Jacuzzi tub

I went on a mission to find the bets way to get rid of the mold, clean the pipes in the process, and do it effectively without harming any pets or kids in the process. Cause I have a whole lot of those furry friends and little people.

This combination below was the best I found, so I’m gonna show you my process and some steps you need to take below.

Here’s your steps:

  1. Fill your bathtub with 2 inches of HOT WATER and 2 tbs of powder form Cascade dish soap.
  2. Now you’re going to scrub the jacuzzi jets, bathtub, all around the hardware of the tub (like faucet and drain). This gets all the tough stuff off to help the cleaning process.
  3. Now fill the tub with super hot water until it gets to 2 inches above the highest jets.
  4. Add 1/2 cup household bleach.
  5. Turn bathroom fan on and open any windows to help with fumes.
  6. Run jets for 30 minutes.
  7. Drain tub
  8. Clean as normal and then fill with clean water.
  9. Run jets for 30 minutes to filter out all the chemicals
  10. Drain and you’re done!

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Some things you need to know…

Make sure there are no pets or kids with access to the area. Very important that you block the path of the bathroom so no one gets curious and inhales those fumes or gets in the bleach water.

I had 3 sizes of scrubby brushes. A typical baby bottle brush was helpful for some small spaces in the jets, a grout brush, and a regular scrubby brush for the bigger spaces.

While I had all the cleaning supplies out and was running the clean water cycle through, I cleaned the rest of the bathroom!