new chalk couture designer kit, new chalk couture enrollment kit

Brand New Chalk Couture Enrollment Kit


Kit Contents

Designer Start-Up Guide

Spring/Summer Catalog 2020

Thank You Cards (12-Pack)

Chalk Couture™ Apron

Small Squeegee

7 Chalk Transfers™ (Various Sizes)

Loveliest Smile (A)

Botanicals Collection—Live In The Moment (A)

Beautifully, Rare Minis (B), Apple Of My Pie (B)

Business Builder Chalk Transfer™ Design—Ask Me How (B)

Business Builder Chalk Transfer™ Design—Join My Team (B)

Club Couture™ Transfer Of The Month (B)

5 Chalkology™ Pastes (3 US Fl. Oz. Jars)

  • Bright White
  • Candy Apple
  • Colonial Blue
  • Pesto
  • Shimmer Copper

Couture Gallery™ Board Aiden White Frame (9” × 12”)

Couture Boutique™ Board & Base (5 ½” X 7 ½”)

Couture Boutique™ Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3″, Round)



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Iced Keto Coffee

I’ve been playing around with some iced keto coffee in the morning and this is by far my favorite.

It tastes like a little slice of heaven. And I’ve been losing about an average of a 1/2 pound a day since starting the keto diet with this drink for breakfast.

It’s entirely keto friendly and packed full of nutrients to start your day off right.

iced keto coffee

**Now, I’ve added some health nut things like collagen, organic spinach, and protein powder…but those three aren’t entirely necessary to make this recipe, so don’t worry if you don’t have them.

**I will tell you, you cannot taste the spinach AT ALL and it’s a much needed nutritional punch for you, so you should try it!

**The protein powder helps keep you full longer and gives you a great dose of protein. I use Optimum Nutrition Extreme Chocolate from GNC.

**And I use Vital Proteins Collagen for a boost to healthy bones and sooo much more.

  • Many benefits to collagen: helps improve hair, skin, nails, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints.

Ingredients below for you!


1/2 cup coffee

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tbs MCT oil

pinch of cinnamon

1 tbs heavy whipping cream

1 cup of ice

handful of spinach (promise you can’t even taste it!)

1 scoop chocolate extreme protein powder

10 macadamia nuts

1 scoop collagen powder

*blend well in a mixer of your choice (I use a Vitamix blender)

*tip: put your coffee and almond milk in first with the macadamia nuts and blend well before you add all other ingredients. It will ensure no chunks from your nuts in there. I’m texture sensitive, so I’m always careful to blend textures longer with my liquids to avoid any chunks.

Melissa Fietsam

iced keto coffee smoothie

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How to Rent College School Books

Getting your college books is ridiculously expensive. So I want to make sure everyone know about this.

You can RENT your college books for a fraction of the cost.

top five Classic

My son is a junior in college at Miami University of Ohio. And books for a semester can cost anywhere from hundreds to up over $1000. But we’ve never paid close to that.

There’s a ton of websites that can help you find the cheapest books online and even rent them. All you do is send them back after the semester is over.

We have been using AMAZON BOOK RENTALS for 3 years. We print a pre-paid label after the semester is over, box it  up, drop it off at UPS and BAM! We’re done.

So if you or someone you know has a kid heading off to college, make sure they know this shortcut.

Websites to help:


Melissa Fietsam

How to clean your jacuzzi tub

How to Clean your Jacuzzi Tub Jets

I realized something really GROSS the other day. My Jacuzzi jets were SO GROSS.

how to clean your Jacuzzi tub

I went on a mission to find the bets way to get rid of the mold, clean the pipes in the process, and do it effectively without harming any pets or kids in the process. Cause I have a whole lot of those furry friends and little people.

This combination below was the best I found, so I’m gonna show you my process and some steps you need to take below.

Here’s your steps:

  1. Fill your bathtub with 2 inches of HOT WATER and 2 tbs of powder form Cascade dish soap.
  2. Now you’re going to scrub the jacuzzi jets, bathtub, all around the hardware of the tub (like faucet and drain). This gets all the tough stuff off to help the cleaning process.
  3. Now fill the tub with super hot water until it gets to 2 inches above the highest jets.
  4. Add 1/2 cup household bleach.
  5. Turn bathroom fan on and open any windows to help with fumes.
  6. Run jets for 30 minutes.
  7. Drain tub
  8. Clean as normal and then fill with clean water.
  9. Run jets for 30 minutes to filter out all the chemicals
  10. Drain and you’re done!

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Some things you need to know…

Make sure there are no pets or kids with access to the area. Very important that you block the path of the bathroom so no one gets curious and inhales those fumes or gets in the bleach water.

I had 3 sizes of scrubby brushes. A typical baby bottle brush was helpful for some small spaces in the jets, a grout brush, and a regular scrubby brush for the bigger spaces.

While I had all the cleaning supplies out and was running the clean water cycle through, I cleaned the rest of the bathroom!

Hobby Lobby Kids Crafts

Summer Fun for Pre-teens and Teens

Mom! I’m BORED! Yep, it’s already started and my kids have only been out of school for 2 weeks.

So I created a list and a free printable for you. Cause us moms, man…we have to stick together!

So here’s 5 Hobby Lobby ideas for you. You can shop online at Hobby Lobby or any craft store really. But what I love about all of these is they’re CHEAP & FUN! Especially with that 40% off Hobby Lobby & Michael’s coupons, right?

Get creative with craft kits:

In the kids craft aisle, there are so many great crafts for kids of all ages, boys & girls, and…yeah…this mom has fun with them too. I have 5 kids, and big teenagers still talk about our craft nights with these. You’ll pay about $7-$8 when you get them on sale or use the 40% off coupon. And the whole kid’s craft section goes on sale 50% off every couple of weeks, so keep an eye out and stock up for rainy days!

Hobby Lobby kids crafts, hobby lobby coupon

Wood Burning Kit:

Don’t laugh yet! You can get a wood burning kit for $14 (then apply your 40% off coupon like a BOSS) and it’s next to nothing!

There is really a lot of fun to be had with a wood burning kit. You can have them work on pre-made wood cut outs, bird houses, wooden boxes, wooden signs…the list is really endless. And it’s SO CHEAP.

Have your kids making keepsake boxes for Grandma and Grandpa with their names engraved in it…and you’ll win best kid award at Christmas. You’re welcome;)

Of course, this has to be adult supervised…but I promise it’s FUN! We made keepsake trunks for our boys and my husband and I engraved a written message and signed both their boxes. Very cool craft!

Hobby lobby kids crafts, wood burning kit

Make some fleece blankets

I know, I know…it’s summer. Why in the world do you want to make blankets? Well…if it gets my kids to focus and have fun, and it doesn’t cost me a fortune, I’m game! This is SO EASY and so fun. And it’s addicting!

Before you know it, your tweens will be making everyone’s Christmas presents and they’ll be done Christmas shopping by the end of July! HA! Seriously, use your 40% Hobby Lobby coupon and buy the fabric on clearance (cause who buys fleece in the summer…geez…heehee).

I found this article that shows how easy it is to make them. Cut the corners, cut the slits, tie the strips, and BAM! You’re done and they’re gonna want to make more. Click here to read how to make them.

how to make fleece blankets

Pen Pal

Okay, this one isn’t Hobby Lobby…but it’s a lot of fun! Go on Facebook and ask for anyone who has family members from different states or countries. Pick up to 10 people and get a Pen Pal chain going. You can either do this with just one kid or a group of kids!

If it’s just one, you can exchange information and send a box each month with a letter and pictures. You can add her/his favorite things, food they like, local stuff, some trinket with the state they’re from, etc.

If there’s more than one, make a numbered list and each kid send the next kid a box. Like a chain letter. So all parents would have to be on board and keep up, but it can be really neat for the kids. And they get something in the mail each month.

Summer Pen Pals for kids, summer activities for kids, things for kids to do in the summer

Journaling & planners for teens

Cause…sometimes they have a lot to say, right? And they should really NOT say half the stuff they do. So why not let them get their feelings out in a creative way. This is actually healthy for kids!

So, you can buy a journal, a planner (Happy Planner’s you can buy with that 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, just sayin’). Also buy a sketch book, some colored pencils and pens, stickers to go with the planner…like really do this thing up mom. It’s kind of addicting and she just might fall in love with something creative. They need a way to vent all those crazy feelings they can’t control and this will help them do that.

Another fun thing you could do is get a “how to draw” book that teaches them tricks on how to draw in that sketch book you just got them.

journaling for teens and pre teens, hobby lobby crafts and planners for kids

How to get rid of ants non toxic

How to Get Rid of Ants with Something you Already Have in your Kitchen

Here’s how to get rid of those pesky ants with something you already have in your kitchen!

How to get rid of ants with something you already have in your kitchen


First, let me just say, please don’t tell Antman…I have a super crush on him and something tells me this would eliminate any chance of us being friends {{ It’s not you…it’s them}}.

Year after year, I wake up to a complete invasion of ants in my kitchen and I’m OVER IT! So I started doing some research, like any good Google mama would. And I tried everything. Non toxic, of course. I have 5 kids and 3 cats. And although sometimes I’d like some peace and quiet, I don’t want it from a jail cell.

So I tried everything. Read it all. Bought it all. I now have a personal debt to mint, lemon juice, cinnamon, and other stupid crap that doesn’t work. Although beating them with a broom while screaming GO AWAY was cheap and effective (Antman…I can’t wait for your movie next month, please don’t take this personally)…the ONLY thing that actually worked, was Dawn Detergent Soap. Yeah. The ONE thing I didn’t have to go to the store for. And the ONE thing that I tried last, of course.

So how do you use it?

1.  Find the points of entry. Squeeze Dawn liquid soap right into the crack, hole, wherever. You will literally see them scurry away. Now take it and squeeze a strip of soap all along the cracks in your doors. They hate it, it kills them almost instantly, and again…Antman…I love how you duped Falcon and showed your daughter real heroes take care of their babies and beat up mutant bad guys.

2. Grab a spray bottle and put like 3 inches of water in it. Squeeze a crap ton (very technical here) of Dawn Soap in there. Now spray/clean the counters, walls, crevices, cracks, or in my case…the whole dang kitchen and they will be GONE. Ants work from scent trails. The Dawn actually covers those scent trails and in a couple days…you will be ant free.

There you have it. Your ant problem is solved. Your kids can stay healthy. Sorry, I don’t have any magic spray to stop the “I’m bored” saga…but at least you won’t have to battle an entire army nation every morning!

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I love you Antman…for reals…

Melissa Fietsam